The Glory Books


The Cup and the Glory

In The Cup and the Glory, Greg Harris unlocks the Scripture and opens the doorway into his personal experience of suffering so we see more clearly that we can trust God with our lives.


The Darkness and the Glory

The Darkness and the Glory examines the cross from Christ's perspective and provides a compelling behind-the-scenes look at the profound spiritual and theological realities of Calvary.


The Stone and the Glory

Dr. Harris takes his readers on a profound journey as they explore the glorious realities of the stone prophecies. He insightfully weds biblical exegesis, Christ-centered theology, and practical application.


The Stone and the Glory of Israel

The Stone and the Glory of Israel is the story of God’s promised Messiah―all taken from the Scriptures. It is written as an invitation for the Jewish people to meet their promised King, whom God may very soon send.


The Face and the Glory

Can God be seen, or not? God has left behind answers in His Word, along rich biblical trails that are all interwoven—each one ultimately leading to the Person, work, and love of Jesus the Messiah.

Dr. Greg Harris

A lifetime of biblical teaching

Dr. Greg Harris has almost 40 years of ministry experience, has his M.Div. and Th.M. from Talbot Theological Seminary, and his Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Harris has pastored churches and taught on faculty at Washington Bible College, Southeastern Theological Seminary/Collage, and spent his last 13 years of active ministry as Dept. Head and Professor of Bible Exposition at the Master’s Seminary. Greg Harris has written eight books (5 “Glory Books” and 3 part of The Bible Expositor’s Handbook, Digital OT and Digital NT, and the combined printed edition The Bible Expositor’s Handbook, due for release Feb 1, 2020, and 12 peer-reviewed journal articles. Before his retirement, Dr. Harris spoke at many conferences in America and around the world.

The Bible Expositor's Handbook


The Bible Expositor's Handbook: OT & nT

Greg Harris lays the groundwork for a Christ-centered interpretation that takes into account the redemptive story of the whole Bible. Employing a literal-grammatical hermeneutic, Harris leads the reader through the process of observing, interpreting, and applying God’s word. 


Dr. William Barrick

Each step along the way, our guide directs our attention to the most significant theological themes and provides sound
commentary to resolve interpretive issues. He also points out the hazards that can be encountered on our journey through the New Testament text—the exegetical pitfalls to avoid.


Georg Huber

Dr. Greg Harris is known for his God-given ability to open the Scriptures to his audience as well as his faithfulness to the inspiration, inerrancy, and infallibility of the Bible.


Rob Thurman

Greg Harris teaches biblical exposition with a rare combination of exegetical skill, theological soundness, and engaging style.

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