supreme court decision regarding gay marriage

4 Bible Centered Observations Regarding the Supreme Court’s Decision on Gay Marriage

On Friday, we heard about the Supreme Court’s decision about gay marriage. There have been many great articles covering many of the concerns people have and how to handle the emotions that arise from this, and our own Eric Weathers has been covering this for quite some time. But there are a few things I greatly believe we need to keep in mind in all of this.

1. This is Nothing New

Satan has always and still is constantly attacking the foundations of Christianity. In the same way that the world was hostile to Christians in the time of Nero, we, in America, are going to experience that more. The world has always been against God and His people. The world has always misunderstood God’s people. Persecution of Christians never stopped; we’ve just been sheltered from it and almost willfully ignorant of it.

2. This is a Great Thing to the Progressives and the Indiscriminate

We see it all over that they consider this a victory, not just for homosexuals, but for mankind. This is the way of the world. In the midst of this, we must not get lost in endless debates on the gay issue but on the fact we are all sinners in need of a Savior. The church has to become even more Gospel focused! It’s time that those who love the Gospel be united in Christ, preaching repentance of sin and faith in Christ alone. It’s not a time to be weak and concede, but a time to stand even more firm in Christ.

3. We Need to Repent

In Romans 1, we see this is the judgment of God on a nation for its disregard for Him. When a nation rejects God, eventually it’s wickedness will wear out His patience. This decision which has been handed down as the law of the land should come as no surprise. How did we get to this place as a nation? Where have we compromised? We have allowed divorce. We have gone to movies we should not watch. We have gone to websites we should not go to. We have let our lives be led by the comfort of the American Dream rather than the Gospel. We have put priority of success and comfort in place over sacrifice. We have chosen safety over trust in God. We have made retirement the goal of our lives instead of the glory of Christ. We are a nation of compromises. We should not be shocked. We forgot we are in a battle, so of course the enemy took more ground.

4. God is Still in Absolute Control

God makes nations rise and fall. He can do whatever He desires. There is nothing to worry about because we know God will still be our glorified King.

All of this I pray would make us not look at the world, which does only what it knows to do, but look at our own hearts and ask where have we compromised. What sins do I look lightly upon? Then, we need in this time to commit to holiness, to the Gospel, and to the glory of God, and leave the outcome to Him.

Soli Deo Gloria

The Glory of God changes everything


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