Bruce Ware on the Trinity

Ep 39: Bruce Ware on the Trinity

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We scheduled Dr. Bruce Ware, author of Big Truths for Young Hearts and Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for a podcast weeks before the Trinity debate ripped through the blogosphere, but as providence would have it, we were able to talk to him about his Trinitarian views on the tail end of this polarizing Reformed conversation.


  • 02:38 Why did you write Big Truths for Young Hearts?
  • 03:48 How are your two daughters doing after being trained up with big theological ideas?
  • 04:47 How is the book arranged and what did you seek to accomplish?
  • 06:00 What would it look like to talk about the Trinity with our children?
  • 08:10 Did your children ever ask you some great questions about the nature of God?
  • 11:06 For what age was the book written?
  • 12:40 How important is it for believers to read theology books?
  • 19:02 How do we see God’s unity and His diversity working together?
  • 20:36 Can you show us the Trinity in Genesis 1?
  • 23:09 Why do you love the word harmony when it comes to the Trinity?
  • 24:04 Can we talk about God’s division of labor in achieving our salvation?
  • 27:25 Could you speak to the confusion that has arisen concerning the supremacy of the Father and the subordination of the Son?
  • 30:15 How does this form how we relate to God?
  • 33:45 Talk about how our complimentarian views relate to the Trinity.
  • 38:41 Talk to us about your position on the submission of the Son.
  • 46:00 Bruce Ware: “Too much attention in this Trinity debate has been given to traditional statements and less concern toward has been given toward biblical fidelity.”
The Glory of God changes everything


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