Charlie Frederico’s Church Family Worshiping in a Living Room

I was able to spend a good amount of time with Charlie at the Shepherds’ Conference this year. He has a true pastor’s heart and a humility that is rare to find this day in time. He shared with me this video of his church plant worshipping in his living room and I just had to share it with our audience.

Charlie has given me permission to share, “That song was sung in the middle of extreme sadness. I have been without work for quite some time and the pressures of that, along with current challenges of ministry and our own weaknesses, motivated them to arrange that song a little differently, sing it for us, and worship together with us. They actually sang it twice that evening. The song is taken directly from Job 1.20-22. The testimony of the use of music and worship in the midst of intense pressure is what makes that event so meaningful to my family and I and we are all privileged to testify to God’s goodness in the middle of incredible pressure.”

A wonderful depiction of what a New Testament house church may have looked like from a worship perspective. Charlie Frederico is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary and pastor of this lovely church plant.

The Glory of God changes everything


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