Ep 24: #AllSoulsMatter

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On today’s episode, Laurel Davis stops in to talk with us about the current racial climate in our nation. Our discussion springboards from Laurel’s article #AllSoulsMatter: 7 Reasons Why My Faith, Not My Race, Comes First. We discuss Christian unity and the Great Hope of the Gospel for all people. Because #AllSoulsMatter to Christ. Eternity is at stake.


About Laurel

Laurel Davis is a pastor’s wife from Los Angeles. She and her husband have been married for 29 years and have four grown children, a granddaughter, and a grandson due in August. Her two sons are in the military. Laurel’s husband “led” her to the Lord shortly after they met during her junior year as a philosophy major at UCLA. His ministry began in 1993, and since then Laurel has endeavored to use her gift for writing and her passion for the truth of the Scriptures to share biblical wisdom to women. In addition to teaching on the “Titus 2 Principles” for Godly Christian womanhood for several years, she has been a question answerer for the Bible search engine, GotQuestions.org and is a regular contributing writer for Blogos.org. Her articles have also appeared at The Poached Egg, Inside The Pew, and Whole Magazine, among other websites. Laurel’s own blog, The Reluctant First Lady, is based on her passion for the warnings of 2 Timothy Chapter 3 into Chapter 4 and thus takes a non-sugarcoated stance against false doctrine in the professing “Christian” church. Her article, “#AllSoulsMatter: 7 Reasons Why My Faith, Not My Race, Comes First” was written in December 2014, shortly after the Michael Brown incident, and she has presented it as a key note speaker. It is clearly still relevant.

The Glory of God changes everything


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