Jesse Johnson on Politics

Ep 34: Jesse Johnson on Politics

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Jesse Johnson, pastor of Immanuel Bible Church and founder of The Cripplegate, joins on the show to talk about politics. We address everything from voting issues, LGBT, the purpose of government, and a big-picture Christian world-view of government and politics.

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  • 1:30 How did you get involved with pro soccer as a referee?
  • 4:27 Jesse Johnson on Rick Holland and Dan Dumas.
  • 5:00 How are things at The Cripplegate?
  • 8:50 Jesse, can you give us a big picture, Christian world-view perspective on government?
  • 11:25 Can yo talk about government as a restraining influence to evil?
  • 15:49 What should Christians keep in mind when deciding who to vote for?
  • 17:50 What should we expect from the next presidential election?
  • 22:14 Why Christians need to relax a little bit about the election.
  • 23:30 Is the power of the President really as great as people think?
  • 25:50 Can we expect Christian unity in politics?
  • 29:52 How serious should Christians be about LGBT issues and are there bigger battles to be fought?
  • 34:36 How do you help Christians stay focused on what really matters?
  • 35:35 Jesse pounds his desk and makes some interesting sounds. 🙂
  • 36:11 Closing Remarks


The Glory of God changes everything


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