eternality of Scripture

The Eternality of Scripture

The Word of God reads “Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens” (Psalm 119:89).

The magnificence of these words inspire awe and wonder as one marvels at the significant meaning the Lord has established through them. During one of my classes, Dr. Harris once intimated that the very Scriptures we have must be influential to our lives and highly regarded, a point made true by the realization that the longest chapter of the longest book in the grandest writings of all time is an exaltation of the Word.

I ask, is it possible to read the words of Psalm 119:89 and not be transfixed on the very concept of what we are able to hold in our hands; all the while being humbled by the fact that God has allowed us the privilege of being stewards of it? Read the words of Psalm 119:89: “Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens.”  These are not words spoken by just any person. For that matter, these are not the words spoken by any man that society simply regards as a great figure. It says, ‘Your word,’ referring to the Lord. These are the words of a sovereign deity who has complete control on the order and function of life, not only for you and I, but for all things and people since He placed them into existence. The Psalmist declares the word of the Lord to be ‘forever’ and ‘firmly fixed’ meaning that it is enduring and unchanging (see also Matthew 5:18). Since the time God spoke it, the word will never perish. As beings bound by time, forever is one of the most difficult concepts for any of us to comprehend. To think that we can hold something in our hand that is eternal. To add to the magnitude, God declares through the Psalmist that the word will never change. It is hard to envision something being unchanged by the ravages of time even in the next year, let alone for eternity.

What Makes This Word so Special?

These majestic words of the Lord can be nothing less than flawless (Psalm 12:6). They contain absolute truth of which only God is capable. If then, we can describe the word as both inerrant and unchanging, then one can logically conclude that it is infallible. The depth of majesty contained in the word continues to increase as we realize that not only does Scripture not err, but it is incapable of error. It becomes the fully reliable and authoritative document for life and Godliness.

Further, in John 17:16-17 Jesus prays that His disciples will be sanctified. How is it though, that they are to be sanctified?  They will be sanctified by truth, which is the Word. In its sufficiency (Psalm 19:7-9; 2 Timothy 3:16) the richness of the Word is played out in its life-changing effect in the lives of believers. For whatever struggle or circumstance life may present, and whatever guidance we may seek, the Word provides the truth. With the power to transform individuals, the word becomes the tool by which God shapes His people for service and molds them into the likeness of Christ.

What Makes This Word So Effective?

How can something that is nothing less than the word from the mouth of God not be so effective? The surprise should not be its capability to transform, but the resistance of so many to allow it to transform. More concerned with social media than Scripture, personal Bible study has become irrelevant for many of God’s people. I remember being accused of worshiping the Bible, a mere book. Perhaps Charles Swindoll answers it best: “While we do not worship the print on the page, the paper and the ink lead us to the knowledge of the One whom we do worship – Jesus, our Master and Savior.”

The issue is not that people have too high a regard for Scripture, but too often it is an extremely low regard for it. It is easy to say that individuals need to spend more time studying the Bible. I would suggest though, that unless indifferent attitudes toward the Bible do not change, neither will actions. Psalm 119:89 provides a beautiful truth that conveys the significance of 66 God-breathed books given for the salvation and sanctification of mankind.

The Glory of God changes everything


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