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Ep 37: Jonathan Leeman on Church Membership

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Jonathan Leeman, of 9 Marks and author of The Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love, joins us to talk about the reasons for church membership on today’s podcast.

Noteworthy Quotes

  • What God is creating in the local church is so wonderful, so other-worldly, so dynamic, you can’t use any one single metaphor to define it all.


  • 06:00 Church membership is more than a Costco membership.
  • 08:50 how should we see Christ in the word imperium?
  • 10:33 Why is it important we see the church as an embassy of the Kingdom of God?
  • 14:38 Expound on submitting to the local church.
  • 18:25 What are the qualifications for being a church member?
  • 20:05 Why is there such a rich variety of metaphors for the church in Scripture?
  • 23:10 What are some practical ways brothers and sisters can demonstrate their loyalty to other church members?
  • 27:35 How would you counsel someone who is bummed about the church?
  • 33:16 How does submitting to the local church define love for the watching world?
The Glory of God changes everything


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