None Like Him w/ Jen Wilkin

None Like Him | with Jen Wilkin

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As a Biblical Counselor, when dealing with life’s issues, the problems encountered ultimately boil down to our view of who God is.  I am so grateful to Pastor Kaneversky who helped me personally understand this concept as a wet behind the ears leader in Women’s Ministry many years ago. Now, as I have spent the better part of 2 decades encouraging women to deeply know and adore who God is, I am thrilled to add this book to my library.

The Fear of the Lord

In her new book, None Like HimJen Wilkin has written to Christian women about biblically fearing our Lord,  as this is the Scriptural starting place for wisdom. Because our flesh so often cries “fear of man,” we are prone to walk in folly rather than holy fear.

None Like Him

The meat of this book is spent explaining the traits of God (incommunicable attributes) and how utterly different He is from His creation. Jen skillfully writes in a manner which is profound, relational, as well as practical as she helps us to see who God is in 10 different traits specific to God alone.  You will find her showing you with each attribute of God how our hearts tend to gravitate toward the sinful pursuit of those attributes as “glory stealers” rather than living within the boundaries of the attributes he graciously shares with His children.

Immensely Practical

The questions and cross references at the end of each chapter will take you into further study of each specific attribute after she has walked you through an explanation, biblical examples, and practical illustrations to fit each attribute. (Just a side note, Jen’s explanations of how different we are than God had me in stitches at times… baby showers, body piercings, video games on family vacations, etc.) While Jen is careful not to hurl 12-dollar theological terms in your face leaving you confused, she instead speaks in a way that is easy for the newer believer to grasp as well as the more seasoned saint to further evaluate their understanding of who God is. For example, As she explains the eternality of God, she draws us to the valuable conclusions of : 1- letting go of the past, 2 – not fearing the future, and 3 – living the day God has given us today to its fullest as our  “reasonable act of worship.”

In our ever-changing days, like myself, you will find great comfort in a deeper and practical understanding of your Unchangeable, Blessed Controller.  She aids the reading woman to respond in awe and wonder of her God, rather than seek personal significance as she states in her conclusion,  “Our primary problem as Christian women is not that we lack self-worth, not that we lack a sense of significance. It’s that we lack awe.”



In conclusion, Jen’s “10 chapters attempting to make a start at embracing our limits in light of our limitless God” was such a refreshing read. I encourage women to not only get this book, but find other women to read it with! Learn together, Grow together, and worship our limitless God together! Wanna join me?

The Glory of God changes everything


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