the doctrines of grace

Ep 36: Dr. Richard Phillips on the Doctrines of Grace

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What’s so great about the doctrines of grace? Dr. Richard Phillips, renowned author and pastor, talks to us about a beloved dutch flower, the TULIP. His book, What’s So Great About the Doctrines of Grace, has proven to be an essential resource for anyone studying reformed theology and is the go to book when you want to buy an easy-to-understand book on Calvinism for a friend who is asking questions.

Karl Heitman also just wrote a wonderful article on why he agrees with all five points of Calvinism that would make a great supplement to this podcast.

Noteworthy Quotes from the Show

  • What it means to be Reformed: I believe not what I think should be true, not what I wish was true, but I believe what the revealed Word of God clearly declares to be true.
  • If I preach my best Gospel sermon to a corpse, what are the chances it responds?
  • The key controversy between Calvinism and Arminianism is not over election or predestination, but rather over total depravity.
  • Don’t mistake peace in the Lord for a lack of passion.
  • The megachurch and seeker movements act the way they do because they believe they have to persuade the carnal will.
  • The objection to Calvinism in a nutshell: Who does God think He is? God, or something?
  • Did you say you want fairness? Because I thought we were talking about salvation. If you want fairness, it’s all hell.
  • The Arminian view of the atonement is an impossibly wide bridge that only stretches halfway across the river.


  • 02:00 Journey from the armed forces to ministry.
  • 07:15 What does it mean to be reformed?
  • 10:19 A history of Calvinism.
  • 12:10 TULIP is the perfect acronym.
  • 13:30 Three views about the state of man in the world.
  • 21:15 Explain how every human being, because of depravity, has the experience of living a lie.
  • 25:29 Can we get into Romans 9? Why is this chapter so crucial to the doctrines of grace?
  • 37:50 God will never ungod Himself. God will not, and cannot surrender His sovereignty.
  • 40:27 Limited atonement is a higher view of salvation, not a lower one.
  • 41:30 Three views of atonement and continued limited atonement discussion.
  • 47:33 Discussion on irresistible grace.
  • 48:50 Discussion on perseverance of the saints.
  • 50:30 There is nothing prideful about Calvinism.
  • 51:27 Can someone have true assurance if they don’t embrace the doctrines of grace?

the doctrines of grace

The Glory of God changes everything


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