Rick Thomas Relying on God

Ep 38: Rick Thomas, Relying on God

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Did you know God puts you in places where you are expected to fail? It is just one of the many ways He proves His love. Your disappointment and discouragement are the LORD’s opportunities to show His power and love to you.

Rick Thomas joins us on the podcast today to talk about relying on God instead of self.

In the interview, Rick references an article that can be found here.


  • 02:44 Rick, tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.
  • 10:45 What are some of the cultural lies we’ve been told about our ability to achieve whatever we want?
  • 15:22 What does it mean that our culture is Adamic?
  • 26:48 What is contentment at the root level?
  • 37:17 Hw do we remain grateful even when we don’t have the resources to do what God tells us to do?
The Glory of God changes everything


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