Grace Quotes (Randy Smith)

The Power of Grace Quotes (Randy Smith)

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Randy Smith, founder of one of the most popular Bible study online resources, Grace Quotes, joins us to talk about the creation of his site as well as it’s many functions and the ways it can be used as a powerful asset for any student or teacher of the Bible.

What began as a casual tool to shepherd the flock has become an international ministry with hundreds of followers. Within time a database was created to archive the quotes, and it has gradually grown into the largest topically organized collection of Christian quotations available on the internet. Presently the database contains over 10,000 Christian quotations.

Grace Quotes is intended to edify and equip the worldwide Christian community. It is my prayer that you will gladly use these treasured gems to increase your knowledge, enhance your devotions and complement your biblical instruction. And most of all, may these quotations never replace, but only supplement your faithful and primary commitment to the Word of God.

The Glory of God changes everything


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