What's on my wall

What’s On My Wall

In my humble office, I have several frames hanging on my wall that remind me of one timeless truth. Every day I sit in my office, I look up and I’m reminded of one thing: God’s faithfulness. God is faithful (1 Cor 1:9; Deut 7:9). The frames on my wall are a testimony, perhaps a memorial rather, of God’s faithfulness in my life. I trust that you may relate to what I have on my wall and hope that you may find some encouragement and strength in God’s unwavering faithfulness today by taking a minute or two to read about what’s on my wall.

  1. My degrees. Now, this can be misconstrued as prideful. Having my degrees framed and hung on the wall can give the impression that I’m pound of myself for my own worldly accomplishments. But that’s not why I have them hanging on my wall. Here’s why: God was faithful in taking a lost kid who barely graduated high school, saved him, and then gave him the desire, ability, and perseverance to finish seminary. The degrees I see on my wall are there to remind me that God is faithful in my personal life. When I feel like giving up? God is faithful. When I feel ill prepared? God is faithful. When I question my gifts? God is faithful. If God can take a guy like me and put him through the rigors of academia, then He can get me through the next challenge in life and ministry. Yes, God is faithful.
  1. A copy of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses. I can’t say enough about the impact Luther had in world history. His life and ministry is nothing but a loud testimony of God’s promise to build His church (Matt 16:18). Even though there were other men (forerunners) who were instrumental in leading the church into a worldwide spiritual reformation, Luther’s act of nailing 95 statements (theses) to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany in protest to the error of the Roman Catholic Church is generally accepted as being the event that triggered the Protestant Reformation. When I look up and see those 95 Theses, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness in enabling a handful of men to rediscover the biblical Gospel at a time in history when it was hidden in darkness. Despite man’s tendency to create false gospels and lead people astray, the church will never die. The Reformation is a powerful reminder of that. Yes, God is faithful. 
  1. A drawing of a pulpit. This was a graduation present from a close friend of mine of not just a drawing of a random pulpit. What I have on my wall is a nicely framed drawing of the pulpit of one my spiritual heroes—Dr. John MacArthur. When I look up and see this drawing, it represents 40 plus years of faithful pastoral ministry. From this pulpit, God has used Pastor John as His mouthpiece for decades. The words preached from this pulpit are heard around the world. From this pulpit, God has faithfully preserved one of His uniquely gifted servants and has used him to impact the Kingdom to the degree that only He knows. Again, this post is about God’s faithfulness. Even though it is good to thank and highly esteem our spiritual heroes (1 Thess 5:12-13), it is ultimately God who gets the credit. That pulpit reminds me that God can give a sinful man the blessing of an enduring ministry for His glory. Yes, God is faithful.
  1. A canvas portrait. This is beautiful and picturesque portrait of a well-known lake in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, the mountain overshadowing the lake is so popular that you have to obtain a special pass, issued by the state, to climb it because it can get overcrowded. Here’s why this frame reminds me of God’s faithfulness: it was a gift from one of my generous congregants. In seasons of failure and in feelings of abandonment in pastoral ministry, that portrait is a vivid reminder that God has given me faithful sheep to care for. Because God is faithful, He gives Christians the will and ability to remain faithful to the church. I thank God for the faithful believers in every little church around the globe. Yes, God is faithful.
  1. A bulletin board. What covers this small bulletin board in the back corner of my office are crafts produced by my own children. My children are my greatest earthly treasures. They are a gift from my faithful God (Ps 127:3). Their smeared paintings and crooked drawings are a clear reminder that God is faithful in giving and preserving life. He is the one who opens and closes the womb (1 Sam 1:5). He is the one who sustains (Ps 54:4). He is the one who gives and takes away (Job 1:21). One thing remains universally true: He promises to bring new life into this world until the new heaven and new earth come (Gen 8:21). Yes, God is faithful.

What’s on your wall? How do the frames on your wall, in your home or office, remind you of the faithfulness, kindness, and goodness of our great God?

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