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what a remarkable woman

What a Remarkable Woman!

News magazines are fond of lists. “100 Most Influential,” “50 Most Powerful,” “The World’s Most Beautiful Women.” How do you suppose the woman depicted in Proverbs 31:10-31 would rank in the eyes of twenty-first century critics? One thing that is clear from this passage is that the “excellent [or virtuous] woman” had her priorities in order; …

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the wondrous cross

The Wondrous Cross

It was but a few weeks ago that, as every year, we left a dark Good Friday service and hastened toward our joyous celebration of Christ’s resurrection. After all, “Sunday’s comin’!” There is no need to remain mired in Good Friday gloom. In our Holy Week observances, we don’t even acknowledge Saturday — a day …

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The Glory of God changes everything


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